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Calzaturificio Elisa

"We were founded in 1976 in a small town in the Marche region, Montegranaro. At the time it was a fast-growing district with hundreds of micro enterprises…”

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Calzaturificio Roberto

"The combination of traditional craftsmanship with innovative and technological tools create comfortable and elegant footwear, that will last a lifetime…”

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Calzaturificio Tiziana

"The area we come from is the most important district for Italian footwear. It is a small town in the Marche region, but it’s from where craftsmen have conquered…”

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Il Maestro Mandruzzato

"Glass grinding is a specialty technique that has been used by the Mandruzzato family for almost a century. The process of grinding consists of 12 skilled steps…”

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Il Maestro Tagliapietra

"One thing that has not changed in almost 1000 years of history for Murano glass is the manual skill. The technique. And it must not change…”

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La cava di Fiammetta

"The history of our family's marble began in 1818, when Duchess Maria Beatrice d'Este granted the family the right to excavate the white marble of Carrara…”

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Maglificio Paola

"For knitwear the Oscano area is a very rich territory. There is the tradition, the supply chain and the craftsmen with their know-how…”

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Sartoria Filippo

"It all stems from our passion for the style icons of the recent past, for elegance, for tailoring and for fine craftsmanship. But we have a very contemporary vision…”

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Sartoria Simone

"Florence, Italy; an icon of quality, good taste and excellence. This is where our company has its roots: the territory is the epitome of the style…”

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